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Researchers, investors and even mass media have been raving about graphene for years now. However, the issue of manufacturing at scale has hindered industry from realizing its potential – until now. BGI has the solution for this issue, and with it has harnessed the power of graphene in real-world applications.

Uniquely Scalable Graphene.Thanks to our Folium™ technology.

Our proprietary graphene petal technology provides unprecedented durability, energy density, and biochemical sensitivity. Our unique manufacturing process allows petal electrodes to grow on different substrates, from rigid to flexible.

Proven Technology. Customer tests are showing it.

BGI can provide solutions with custom sizes, from microns to meters, and with electrical specifications (voltage, power levels) to meet the most demanding applications. Agile and innovative – we engage with each customer to solve their problems with solutions designed to their needs. Customer tests are validating our game-changing technology.

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